Adaptable modules that could be taught as stand-alone units or combined for longer and more in-depth study.


The Courtroom 600 educator toolbox includes:

  • 50 Minute, Immersive Teacher Podcasts—also suitable for general audiences
  • 10 Minute “Bite-sized” Student Podcasts
  • Downloadable teacher guides or essential questions for class discussions
  • Downloadable podcast transcripts—teacher and student versions


In 2018 we piloted a 300-image website at Arizona State University Teacher’s College (ASU), where future social studies teachers are using photo analysis to learn and experience history through primary sources.

Feedback about our approach and content was overwhelmingly positive (see testimonial below). Testers shared many good ideas which helped us refine the site.

We now seek additional pilot testing opportunities and educator feedback from national schools.


“Students were TRULY ENGAGED with the pilot site, your personal story, and goals of the project. Many were so fascinated by the pictures they didn’t allow enough time to thoroughly write their comments.

I can honestly say they loved it. I heard many ‘AHA’ comments and chatted with everyone while they reviewed the site. They were both amazed and appalled by what they were seeing — and were so impressed with the behind-the-scenes approach; they had never seen anything like it.” 

Dianne McKee

Instructor, Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

1230 N STATE PKWY #20D, CHICAGO, IL 60610  | PHONE 312.543.8959