Crimes Against Humanity, Indictment #4 (Demo Teacher Podcast)

The Nazis murdered millions of innocent men, women, children — even infants. What could make ordinary people participate in, or even just tolerate, such evil?

It’s impossible to grasp why people committed such acts of extraordinary evil without understanding both the ideology of antisemitism and how it functioned in Nazism. The Streicher Case as part of Module 4, provides a way to understand both—and can give students a broader context to understand the Holocaust.

Module 4: Crimes Against Humanity is timely not only because of the re-emergence of antisemitism, but also because it raises questions about political correctness, the concept of hate speech, and the limits of freedom of speech and press.

Courtroom 600 Education Advisor Dave Fript wrote and recorded this demo teacher podcast. A Teaching Fellow of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Dave taught “The Nazi Mind” class for over 35 years in a Chicago high school. Read his blog post about why Nuremberg needs to be taught now.

This podcast  is 16 minutes long, a full-length version for teachers (and general audiences), will be 50 minutes. Student podcasts will be bite-sized at 10 minutes.

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