Crimes Against Humanity, Indictment #4 (Demo Teacher Podcast)

The Nazis murdered millions of innocent men, women, children — even infants. What could make ordinary people participate in, or even just tolerate such evil? This 16-minute podcast from the Courtroom 600 Education Project, explores how Julius Streicher used modern techniques of mass media and marketing to persuade German people to hate Jews. The reason non-ideological Germans could become willing participants in the Holocaust, or at least be indifferent to the fate of Jews, was a constant barrage of Nazi hate propaganda. Throughout history, people have been persecuted and even murdered because of their religious beliefs. But the Nazis hated the Jews for their race, not their religion. They believed Jews were, by nature, biologically inferior—yet planning to take over the world and destroy it. Julius Streicher was convicted of Indictment #4: Crimes Against Humanity, in Courtroom 600 at the first Nuremberg trial. Following World War II, the victorious Allies (USA, Great Britain, France and the USSR) brought Nazi Germany’s leaders to justice through a series of trials between 1945-1949. Written and recorded by U.S. Holocaust Museum Teacher Fellow Dave Fript, this podcast series is designed to engage high school teachers, students and general audiences. For more information visit

Podcast Transcript